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Baby Alive Crib Life Twins

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Kids Get Wild To Get This Crib Life Twins

Your child will go loco to get a Crib Life Twins a great toy crib made by Hasbro. One of the several best attributes for this crib is the includes two dolls, two outfits, two charms, charm clip, tiara, two doll cribs, website code and mini book. It's 12.01"H x 3.19"L x 15"W. It weighs roughly 20 lbs. Crib Life Twins . If you want a good deal on this crib for your kids, click on our affilate add to shopping cart button on this page.

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Discount Price: $16.99
Publisher: Hasbro
Model: 19350
UPC: 653569634560

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Little girls will enjoy playing with Sarina and Sydney, twin dolls with opposite personalities that happen to be the newest additions to the popular Crib Life series. CRIB LIFE Twins SARINA CUTIE& SYDNEY CUTIEAges: Five years and upRequires: Ready to playAt a Glance:Includes two Crib Life dolls with colorful outfits, cribs, and accessoriesDolls' charm reveals online code that loads bonus games and video clipsMini book provides insight into dolls' personalitiesTwo charms included Intended for children 5 years and up, the sisters each come with their really personal unique look, accessories, crib, and charm. An on the internet code is included that, when utilized on the Crib Life website, unlocks bonus video clips and games for your youngster to interact with their Crib Life dolls on the web.

Use the code hidden behind their charm to unlock content at criblife. Twins Come With Charming Outfits That Express Their Unique Personalities View larger. com.

Born 5 minutes apart, Sarina and Sydney are twins and best friends, but couldn't be a lot more different. Sarina could be the girly a single who wears a princess outfit and glittery tiara. The outfits may possibly be easily removed, making the twins ready for bathtub or pool use. She comes with a little pacifier. Sydney is far much far more of a punk rocker having a pirate t-shirt, sparkly skirt, leopard print tights, and hoodie. Both outfits are constructed to final and fit nicely, while the tiara and pacifier are sturdy and stay put on the dolls.

Both dolls are fairly modest with large heads and big blue eyes. Our testers noted that their large head size inhibits them sitting up well, and it's easiest to play with them inside the crawling position. Parents will appreciate that the dolls are very easily portable and require no batteries to operate.

Each doll comes with a cute charm attached for the identical clip, great for attaching them to your child's backpack or bag. Our testers noted that the cribs are created of a thin plastic material, and appear as if they could break simply. Dolls Encourage Tolerance, Diversity Each doll also has a crib, which fit the dolls nicely.

A mini book explains each doll's likes and dislikes, encouraging imaginative play as your child creates scenarios and conversations among the two dolls. A quiz in the book tests whether you are more like Sarina or Sydney, exploring personality kind and self-awareness. Code Unlocks Online World with Bonus Features While Sarina enjoys going on play dates and talks a lot, Sydney is shyer and enjoys spending time by herself. Even though they have different personalities, the sisters love each other and get along.

Every single charm includes a code to turn into employed on-line at criblife. What's in the Box com."Our testers were disappointed to locate that the content encouraged buying additional Crib Life dolls in order to unlock more characters on the site. Your child can also create and decorate her very own on-line"crib. Parental supervision is suggested for online exploration. It unlocks content that includes games, video clips, and photographs.

  • Includes two dolls, two outfits, two charms, charm clip, tiara, two doll cribs, website code and mini book.
  • Dress them up and give them lots of love just like a real mother would.
  • Dolls' charm hides an online code that brings you a whole new world of fun.
  • Then use the special 2-in-1 code hidden behind their charm to enter a whole new online world!
  • Double the fun with two adorable dolls and oodles of accessories!
  • Pack: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 12.01" Length: 3.19" Depth: 15"
  • Product Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 3.2" Length: 15" Width: 11.9"
  • Package Weight: 1.25 lbs.

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