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You need to give the girls a multi-color Crib Life Friendship a super fun crib a great crib manufactured by Hasbro. I certainly liked that it had the feature of ready for a whole new world of excitement?. It's dimensions are 10"H x 3.27"L x 7.99"W and weighs just about 0.6 lbs. The color for these toy cribs is multi-color.


Model: 19338
UPS: 653569599906
Color: Multi-color

As with all the CRIB LIFE Cuties, ELLA SONG was born awesome. This sweet, caring girl comes dressed to play in colorful a single piece pj's and a ribbon in her hair. ELLA SONG comes with a key chain, charm, online code, and mini book. You can watch videos, play games as well as create your personal"crib ". ELLA SONGAt a Glance:Age/Weight Requirements: She likes playing music with her friends and napping. Her included key chain making use of a charm features a distinctive code that gives you access to a CRIB LIFE character in her online planet.

ELLA SONG comes making use of a crucial chain and secret code to assist you develop your own"CRIB LIFE"online. Play Along with ELLA SONG View bigger.

ELLA SONG doll loves playing music, becoming a DJ, and putting on concerts. This sweet girl is often ready to rock out with you--when she's not indulging in a tiny nap. Get Inside the"Crib"and PLay You and ELLA SONG can along to play with other CRIB LIFE dolls (each sold separately) , or hang with her one-on-one when you need a smile and a laugh.

ELLA SONG capabilities a charm with a web-based code that brings you into the world of a CRIB LIFE character. Log in to play games, check out videos, as properly as create a"crib"of your personal. As you explore, you'll get to understand a few from the other CRIB LIFE characters.


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