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Do you need to pick up a crib? 5-SIES Cribs - a great crib manufactured by Mga Entertainment is really fun toy crib. The UPC for this is 035051276852. To get the same low price I ran across, visit our partners via the link.

MGA Entertainment

Model: 276852
UPS: 035051276852

No two babies are alike so why ought to their cribs be? Imported. Cribs: 4Hx1-1/2W ". This 5-sies furniture set comes with 5 plastic cribs all in a various color for each single from the distinctive 5-sies dolls (sold separately ). The set is element of the adorable 5-sies Collection, which functions a various color and personal icon for every of its 5 dolls to reflect their unique personalities. Collect other 5-sies furniture and accessories (all sold separately) , due to the fact everything is 5 times more fun with 5-sies. Every single crib comes getting a matching-color bottle, rattle, pillow, blanket and mattress. Color coordinate or mix and match for a new appear.


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